Attention: Entrepreneurs with a Heart to Help But Who Feel Stuck or Blocked

"Bust Through Fear, Overwhelming Feelings and Chaos to Impact Lives and Step Into Your Own Abundant Life"

 I love working with entrepreneurs with something positive and powerful to share with others. I get excited helping them put their work into the world, knowing it will impact thousands of lives for good.

What upsets me is seeing these people with so much to offer stuck behind a wall of fear, self-doubt, overwhelming feelings and limitations that don't have to stand in their way. These obstacles can often be moved so easily. These talented souls waste precious years, never tapping into untold revenue streams, while stuck in limiting beliefs and past traumas.

You may think you're alone in your challenges, but most of us are running the very same obstacle course. Here are the most typical issues I see among entrepreneurs with a heart to help. Any of these sound familiar?

Fear of Success - what are people going to think if I change? What if I become successful and my ego takes over ... Pride goes before a fall - right?

Fear of Failure - What if I try and it doesn't work? What if I make a fool of myself? What if I give it my all and it's not enough? What will others think if I fail?

Fear of Confrontation - I don't want to make anyone unhappy, what if I say something that ruffles feathers? What if someone gets angry? What if someone attacks me for my beliefs?

Scarcity Thinking - Does God really want me to prosper or would He prefer I do without so I remain humble? Somebody else is already doing what I want to do, does the world really need one more person doing the same thing?

Fear of Public Speaking / Exposure - What if I make a fool of myself? What if people make fun of me? What if I bore the audience? What if people say cruel things about me? What if I'm not good enough?

Attracting Supportive Friends and Colleagues - I'm worried about what my spouse, friends or family will think if I put myself out there. Nobody seems to get me. They'll think I'm weird.

The Save the World Complex - What if I consult/coach a client and they aren't successful? I feel like I need to make things right ... fix things... for the people in my life. I feel an intense weight that I have to make a big impact, but nothing I do seems to make a difference.

These obstacles don't have to hold you back anymore.

That's why I've created my 

"Breakthrough to Radiance Series" 

I'll be helping entrepreneurs address and break through the typical roadblocks we all face. Yes, I say "We" because I've dealt with them too. 

In these three 90-minute audio sessions, you'll be breaking through typical false beliefs and conditioning. By the time you've listened to these three sessions, you'll be free to ...


Feel fantastic about your life as you show up fully and express your unique gifts.

Receive the abundance that is all around you in a more effortless, easy way.

Let go of other people's stuff. Help clients, family members and friends without taking ownership of their problems. This means not absorbing their negative energy and not taking on their drama.
Step into the full measure of your creation as the success you were born to be.
Confidently deliver your message to the world without fear of what other people think.
Remain true to yourself and your message no matter what other people think or say. 


Isn't it time lives were touched by what you have to share?

Isn't it time you stopped spinning in circles and started moving forward? Isn't it time you became the radiant influence you were born to be? If you're saying "YES!" I hope you'll join me for my 

"Breakthrough to Radiance Series" 

After each session you'll receive an MP3 recording and a PDF Handout 

Session 1: 90 Minutes 

  • "Stand in Your Truth and Conquer Fear of Confrontation"
  • "Releasing the Savior Complex: You Aren't Responsible for Other People's Outcomes"

Session 2: 90 Minutes

  • "Abandon Scarcity and Embrace Abundance"
  • "Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Videos, Putting Yourself Out There"

Session 3: 90 Minutes

  • "Attract Supportive Friends, Colleagues and Clients"
  • "Leave Fear of Failure & Fear of Success Behind"


What People Are Saying...

"Your Breakthrough to Radiance has really helped me to release a lot of fear, that I didn't even realize had been chewing on and gluing to me like little Packmen that hold onto your body. I've looked forward to every session because I come away feeling release, feeling opened up, feeling the radiance coming through. 

People have been responding to me differently in public without me even saying anything about what I'm doing. I don't go around with a silly smile on my face. I have a pleasant look on my face, but I'll be going past people in a store and they'll look at me and smile, and that's really unusual and surprising for me.You have helped my energy to shift and cleaned out a lot of the garbage which has been very beneficial." - Donna Blevins



"You are certainly a God send. Thank you for investing your time and energy into creating this program. I knew it was just what I needed. Today was life changing for me. I have a lump in my throat at the feeling of gratitude for today's session. This class was so worth it. I really appreciate being able to move forward...This material is helping me reconcile and renew my roots in Christ." - Nancy Lucas


"Marnie skillfully, energetically, and gently presented the barriers women face personally and professionally and led us through identifying awareness in our individual situations. 

I have been empowered to stand in my truth and conquer my fear of confrontation, to recognize my value and reinforce my right to set boundaries, to accept abundant living for myself, to choose to share with others. 

I created my first video based on her challenge and had fun doing it. Fun is very hard for me in life, but that was lots of fun. I've identified my specific client that I would be fulfilled, not drained, by coaching and working with in a relationship that would bring her joy in life too. Instead of beating up on myself and talking negatively about the "what if's" of fear, 

I feel encourage, creative, hopeful, empowered, peaceful and confident. I accept the label of light bearer to make a difference, to bless others, impact the world for good while making income as God intends. I have a voice, true to the real me that God created for me to be and not be somebody else. Marnie is an inspiration, gives wisdom and cares." - Judi G. Reid

"I've gained confidence and a willingness to be seen on a broader level without having a problem with that. I recorded a video of myself singing a song I wrote during the course. I'm doing a workshop. I made a video for that and it seemed like a piece of cake after I got past the hurdle of doing the first one during the training."
- Regina Loveless


"I've been more at ease lately, overall. The other day someone said to me, 'Is there something going on with you, because you're just glowing?'" - Tracy Sitto

Laura West from talks about Marnie's Belief-Shifting Work...


It's Your Turn to Breakthrough to Radiance!
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