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Did you know you can reach your exact audience with Facebook? I’m talking down to zip codes, religious affiliations, the magazines they read, age, gender, hobbies, people they follow, income, what products or services they use, just about anything… you name it!

The great thing is you can decide the results you want. For example, do you want more visitors to your web site? More Likes to your Facebook Page? More people signing up for your list? More sales? All of these are possible.

Now, how much do you want to spend? You can spend as little as a $5 per day on advertising. The great thing is you can set your budget and know ahead of time the ball park of what you’ll be paying per action. You can also tweak and adjust your ad or your audience at any point in the process.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say. We consulted together on their objectives and crafted an advertising strategy, objective and budget that met their needs.

"I want to thank you for your help with our Facebook ad campaign. We met our goals and spent less than originally estimated. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with everything! You are good at what you do, and I am glad to have your help! Sure makes a difference when somebody actually knows what they are doing!"

- Deseret Ward, Political Campaign Manager



davidperdew"We've been working with Marnie for a long time. First she came to the NAMS Workshop as an instructor, then a friend and now we use her as a Facebook Campaign consultant. As always, she's a delight to work with. Not only is she easy to work with, but she's completely focused on getting results. I love that!" - David Perdew, CEO NAMS, Inc.



I enjoy working collaboratively with other social media marketing firms who subcontract the Facebook Ad Management for their clients to me. Magnolia Media Network is one example:

nancycamden"Marnie Marcus makes it super easy to run Facebook ads for our business and for our clients. Marnie creates our ads for us and then gives us clear information about ad stats and costs to help us make informed decisions about which ads to continue and which to pull. Wouldn’t want to ever run FB ads without her!" Nancy Camden, Magnolia Media Network.


I’ve been doing online advertising since 1998. As the creator of one of the largest and longest-running content directories, I was on the “publisher” side of the equation. I ran ads that generated five figures each month and learned an immense amount about what makes a successful ad campaign. It’s all about maximizing results for your advertising budget.

Because I dealt in 10's of millions of page views in traffic each month and drove large sums of traffic to my clients, I quickly identified what you need in place BEFORE you run ads to drive traffic. Without these elements in place, you’re just throwing your money down the toilet!

I bring my years of online marketing and advertising experience to the table with my social media clients, helping them get the best results from their campaigns at the best rate possible.

Whether you only want help with your ad campaigns or you want to beef up your social media engagement, I have a plan that will work for you and your budget.

Retainer Option: Facebook Ad Management

I'll help you manage your Facebook Ad Campaigns each month. Click here for details.

My retainer options are ideal for you if you want to run Facebook ads but don't have the time or inclination to

  • keep up with the details,
  • read and interpret the stats,
  • stay on top of what's working and what's not,
  • Constantly keep up with Facebook's never-ending changes to how their system works,
  • Test and tweak until you find the combination that gives you the best bang for your advertising buck,
  • And then re-adjust your strategy when something changes with the audience, the market or Facebook policies.

Stop pulling your hair out, put me on retainer to manage your Facebook Ad Campaigns for you each month.

Facebook Ad Analysis Service

If you are already managing your own Facebook ad campaigns in-house and would like an objective professional analysis of your account and campaigns, consider my Facebook Ad Analysis Services.

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