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Today Ask Marnie: LIVE Q&A

Bring your marketing, business, or Facebook advertising questions. Or want me to check the energy on your business? I'll bring my SimplyHealed Energy Practitioner skills to your business and/or business mindset.

April 3rd at 2pm ET / 1pm CT / noon MT / 11am PT  

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Marnie Pehrson Marcus

"Retargeting Your Web Site Visitors with Facebook"

I'll show you how to install a Facebook pixel on your WordPress site. I'll also demonstrate how to build custom audiences inside Facebook. You'll learn how to capture site visitors (whether they fill in a form or not) so you can run Facebook ads to them later.

PLUS, get this real, raw and relevant episode: 


Jennifer Lamprey

"Be the Voice: How to Harness Vulnerability to Build a Tribe" 

My special guest in this episode was Jennifer Lamprey of The No Porn Club.

This is a no holds barred discussion on how to speak, write and build a fan base around difficult subjects -- how to be the voice for those who are too hurt or afraid to speak for themselves. In doing so, many of us have some really challenging questions:

  • How do you speak out when doing so affects other people?
  • What if you speaking out means airing someone else's dirty laundry?
  • How do you handle backlash from family and friends?
  • Does speaking out on some subjects make you sound "unprofessional?"

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