Facebook Ad Tip: Narrow Your Audience

If you use the default settings with the Facebook ad manager you could waste a lot of money advertising to people who aren’t an exact match for your product or service. In fact, up until recently, you didn’t have a choice to get any more specific. But now, there’s a little link that changes everything. Without this little link it’s difficult to zero in on the exact people you want to reach. With it, it’s much easier to get “pin-point specific” with the Facebook ads manager. Let me give you an example to explain.

Let’s say you want to advertise to small business owners who are interested in online marketing. The default is to use all OR operators when selecting your audience.

If, for example, you go into the ads manager and for your audience choose a demographic of

Work > Job Titles > Self employed business or
Work > Job Titles > Owner and Founder or
Work > Job Titles > self-employed or
Work > Job Titles > small business

You know you’re getting small business people. Now if you select various online marketing interests, you’ll actually be marketing to people who are EITHER small business owners or self-employed OR people who are interested in online marketing. Notice that capital OR. It’s not AND. The default is OR.

What if you want BOTH? There could be small business owners who aren’t the least bit interested in online marketing. Do you want to run your ads to them? Probably not. Could there be people who are interested in online marketing who don’t actually run their own small business? who aren’t self-employed? Absolutely! You could be reaching marketing executives in a large corporation.

Here’s what you need to do if you want BOTH criteria. There’s a tiny little text link that says “Narrow Further.” Click that and you’ll be given an option of using an AND operator instead of an OR operator. This allows you to reach people who match only BOTH criteria.

Facebook ads manager narrow further

You’ll know if you’re doing it right if the audience size Facebook says you’ll be able to reach is getting smaller instead of larger.

Below is a screen shot of what will appear when you click the Narrow Further link. You’ll be able to select more criteria and it will make sure that the results “MUST ALSO match at least ONE of the following” interests or demographics you select.


This is EXTREMELY powerful in being able to narrow your audience to the people you really want to reach.

Stop paying to reach people who aren’t a match!

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  1. Thanks, Marnie. Good tip; however, the problem I find when narrowing the audiencce is that Facebook won’t approve the ad because the audience is… too narrow, and forces me to broaden it to folks I really don’t want to advertise to.

    I really, really don’t like advertising with facebook. Twitter, to me, has become a better option.

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