Thriving Again: Stand Up for Yourself

If the challenges you face have to do with another person whose chronic unacceptable behavior causes you pain, you could be in a situation where you’re being used or even abused.

In order to thrive again, you need clear boundaries about what you will and will not accept from others. This can be difficult for those of us who are people pleasers or who are super conscientious about owning our role in a situation, or for those who are “fixers.”

Users need someone to use and fixers need someone to fix. Combine them and you get a really unhealthy dynamic.

If you’re a people pleaser, are scared of conflict, are easily guilt tripped, or are a “fixer,” you could be a prime target for manipulators.

This short video shares the 6 Tactics Manipulators Use. If you see a pattern of these being used on you, it’s probably time for you to set some clear boundaries or get out of a bad situation. Learn more here.



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  1. Thanks Marnie! People may be in a relationship for years, feeling awful and not even trying to find something wrong with the other person. We just might be trying to fix ourselves – maybe if I was better, smarter, wiser, more lovable, someone would not want to lie to us, or do anything else to risk losing us. In some cases, these users aren’t even looking for love. If someone spends decades thinking love will win, when the other isn’t even hoping for love …. Well yeah! It’s about loss. Everything we were building with this person is gone. Can we say ladder on the wrong building? This information will help us recognize these counterfeits who seem so adorable – and they ARE. They can do everything, except be real and consistently true.

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