letting love lead

Letting Love Lead the Way

I think more than anything, the people in our lives need us to be a safe place to go for a listening ear, a shoulder, a sounding board. Having a successful relationship means letting love lead. People don’t need us to be one more person condemning them or telling them they did something stupid. Most of us do quite well guilt-tripping ourselves.

People need us to believe in their ability to change, to do better, and to reach their potential. They need us to remind them of the good that is in them. They need us to remind them that God loves them, is on their side and has already paid the price to redeem them if they will just accept it and come to Him.

Letting Love Lead Doesn’t Mean Being a Doormat

In saying this, I’m not saying we must continue to associate with someone whose actions constantly undermine our peace. There may come a time when you will feel led to part ways with some people.

Even if someone is past feeling, refuses to change, or we can’t safely be in their space any longer, we can still hold hope for them that maybe one day they will find their way back to Him.

Forgive, let them go,and trust that God will take care of them and find a way to reach them when they’re ready. Get on with your life and make the best of it.

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