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Personal Responsibility Is the Key to Peace

When you stand before your Maker, He won’t ask you what your race did, what your gender did, or what your religion did. He will ask you how you lived YOUR life. Were you loving? How did YOU treat people? You’ll have to take personal responsibility for your own actions.

Society has misdiagnosed the problem as class, race, gender or religion-based. The problem isn’t with factions or classes. The problem is with individuals who are abdicating their personal responsibility to factions, classes, nations, government.

As long as we keep lumping each other into groups by ethnicity, gender or other factors, we’ll keep pitting one group against another. We’re creating resentment followed by hatred, and violence.

Some individuals are cruel to others. Some would be cruel to their own grandmothers. Other individuals of any slice or segment are the kindest most loving souls out there. Most of us fall somewhere between the spectrum.

We are individuals, not groups. Don’t judge me in a group. That just makes me irritated. THAT is what is truly divisive. Millions of people who have been lumped into various groups are getting blamed for the actions of the few in those groups who fall into the cruel side of the spectrum.

And what happens when you’re unjustly accused? Most of us feel resentment and as if we’re being victimized. After all, WE have done nothing. Why is that group over there blaming us for their problems?

The root problem is our society likes to make people responsible at a group level and not at an individual level. Divide and conquer. True freedom, peace and harmony comes only when each person takes INDIVIDUAL responsibility for themselves.

I am not guilty of your sins and you aren’t guilty of mine. And neither of us are guilty of a groups’.

The Only Solution

The only solution is to help as many people truly get that they are children of a Divine Creator, and we are responsible to Him for our own choices. When we truly get that, we realize our neighbor is also a child of God — our brother, our sister — FAMILY!

We are responsible for the amount of love we reflect in the world. No one can force us to be loving. You can’t legislate kindness or love (contrary to what the government-must-fix-it-all philosophy says ).

The only way to create kindness is with kindness. Kindness and love breed kindness and love. Be the love and your world becomes loving.

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

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