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Body Talk: What Your Body Is Telling You About Your Life

Have you ever wondered why you have certain aches and pains, chronic illness, or other sicknesses? Perhaps you’ve heard people say that ailments are body talk. Our bodies talk to us in the only way they know how about our suppressed emotions, grudges, past disappointments, unhealthy beliefs or unresolved trauma.

While I am not convinced that every sniffle has a message to convey, I do believe there is more correlation between what’s going on in our hearts and minds and what’s happening in our bodies than modern traditional medicine considers.

How does this correlation work? First, we need to understand that everything in the universe is made up of energy. A good flow of energy is optimal. If the energy is knotted, fractured, or blocked by something, then problems arise.

Many believe that everything that happens in our lives happens first on a spiritual or energetic level and then eventually moves into physical form. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that everything is either growing or dying. It’s evolving into physical form or it’s dissipating and dissolving out of physical form and back into spiritual form. A good example of this are the states of H20: steam, water, and ice.

Energy Systems

Just as the body has different systems like the digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems, our energy systems include systems like meridians, chakras, grids, and the aura.

Just as a blockage, knot or growth in our physical bodies can be problematic, so can obstructions or abnormalities in our energy systems.

Our energy systems can be affected by our lower frequency emotions (like grief, loss, negativity, depression, despondency, doubt, fear). Our energy systems can also be affected by our past experiences, trauma, other people’s interference, detrimental beliefs, and generational patterns. When the energy systems stay in a persistent state, it’s like a seed planted that eventually grows into physical form.

If negative emotions are planted, fed and nourished, a problem will almost always eventually show up in the physical body.

body talkI’ll give you an example. In the summer of 2017, I had some photographs made of my aura (the energy system radiating from my body). In these photos, if you look closely at the left side of my mouth (which is the right side in the photo to the right), you can see a darker area that dips down at the corner of my mouth.

When the specialist taking the photograph saw this, he pointed out that I had a tooth problem on my lower left jaw. He did not even have to look at my teeth, but I knew I did have a chipped tooth that needed to be repaired in that location.

Often physical ailments materialize because of emotional reasons. Our bodies are like babies. They talk to us the only way they know how – by crying. Our bodies “crying” can look like illness, pain, or other problems (like my tooth). There’s a great book by Karol Truman called “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” which gives you the typical emotional feelings associated with common bodily issues.

According to her book, a lower tooth problem relates to Impatience. The left side of the body has to do with spirituality and receiving. No surprises there… I’ve never been the most patient person on the planet … especially when my spiritual eyes can see something in the future that I really want NOW.

aura photographyNot only can we read the status of our bodies in our energy systems, but also indicators of our emotional health show up in the energy systems.

For example, the scientist reading my aura photograph exclaimed, “Wow! you go, girl! You’re bright beautiful, symmetrical and just [excellent, first rate]!”

The inclusion of all the colors in the aura and its shape and size were what he was referring to.

He said, “You must be in communications. Your throat indicates a strong voice.” Look at the bright blue area on my neck for this. As an author, speaker, and teacher, this was no surprise. But I also wondered if it might relate to the fact that I had taken up singing in public a few months prior and had begun sharing my very vulnerable life situations online.

As my mentor, the creator of the SimplyHealedTM Method says, “There are no secrets in the energy field.”

Much of what we believe about energy systems we take on faith, but this experience was a fun opportunity for me to see in a more tangible way what was going on in my energy systems. Since only a few months earlier my mother had died and I’d gone through an unexpected divorce, it was incredibly affirming to see that the fast track to healing God sent me on, had indeed taken root at the most basic level of my being — in my energy systems.

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