The Vision of Angels

I’ve been thinking about great heroes down through history who have taught or fought valiantly for liberty … the Light Bearers of the past. Today as I was thinking of Joan of Arc, I asked myself, “What would she say if she were here with us today?”

The answer came in a poem…

Joan of ArcTrust the vision and your knowing.
Never discount nor deny.
You are heaven’s witness of what the Spirit testifies.

The vision holds.
An army with colors fair and banners bright,
Leads you forward to morning’s light.

Liberty’s spirit shall never die
While earth shall stand
Or sun shall shine.

Flicker and falter it might,
But angels from on high feed the flame
When mortal man caves in fright.

Speak truth, not guile.
And the sword of honor
Shall remain with you all the while.

Stand brave, stand true,
Know that you are not alone.
Angels rally ’round to see you through.

Inspired by Joan of Arc

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