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Be The Voice: Create a Raving Fan Base

People are hurting. There are problems that are too sensitive to talk about, that people don’t feel comfortable discussing in public, perhaps even in private. Some problems have a lot of shame associated with them (porn, suicide, addictions, etc).

In some value systems, it can be more difficult to discuss “sinful” or embarrassing subjects. In society as a whole, there are some thoughts, feelings or beliefs that would not be “politically correct” to admit in public without unleashing scorn and derision.

It is obvious that people are feeling stifled. Otherwise there wouldn’t be millions of people voting for a presidential candidate who is willing to “say anything” whether it’s politically correct or not.  This man has become “the voice” for millions who feel like society has shamed, demeaned, or stifled their thoughts, feelings and speech.

Be The Voice

In this brief video I share why it’s important to acknowledge this societal dynamic and how tapping into it could help you build a tribe (a loyal fan base). By being the voice for this voiceless group, you could leverage the power of vulnerability to deliver your message to those who desperately need it most.

jennifer lampreyPlease join me for Marnie’s Marketing Monday on October 24th as we discuss Be the Voice: How to Harness Vulnerability to Build a Tribe.” 

My special guest will be Jennifer Lamprey of The No Porn Club.

We’ll be having a deep discussion about how to speak, write and build a fan base around difficult subjects — how to be the voice for those who are too hurt or afraid to speak for themselves. In doing so, many of us have some really challenging questions:

  • How do you speak out when doing so affects other people?
  • What if you speaking out means airing someone else’s dirty laundry?
  • How do you handle backlash from family and friends?

Jennifer and I will discuss all these and more, PLUS, you’ll be able to chime in with your questions. Be sure to click here to get details on how to attend.

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Email Marketing Tip

Email Marketing Tip: Let Freeloaders Move Along

Here’s an email marketing tip for you that I originally posted as a rant about a Facebook comment I saw.

A colleague is offering a series of helpful training videos on her area of expertise. She made a Facebook post offering this training with a link. If you click the link, you are given the opportunity to sign up for the video series with your name and email address. My colleague will then email you a series of educational training modules over the course of several days.

In response to my colleague’s post, I read this comment:

“If you really wanted to help people, you would not make them “sign up” to even find out what you are talking about!”

Email Marketing Tip: Let the Freeloaders Roll on By

Can you see me rolling my eyes? In this world we exchange things… time for money, groceries for money, energy for resources, and sometimes we trade information for a name and an email.

You wouldn’t walk into a grocery store and say, “If you really wanted to help people you’d give me this food.” Yes, it might help you in that moment to give you that food, but if that store did that all the time, they’d be out of business and you wouldn’t have anywhere to buy food.

Email Marketing Tip: Value Yourself & What You Have to Offer

This sense of entitlement that everyone should just give away their skills, time, money, knowledge, and resources if they really care about people is nonsense. All it does is deplete the producers so they can’t continue to offer their services. On the flip side, it creates indolence and sloth in those who have been enabled until they believe the world owes them everything for nothing.

Sorry, the real world doesn’t work that way…

The end result (if the world DID work this way) would be that producers wouldn’t have the funds to keep producing. They’d stop. Combine that with lazy people who refuse to produce, and you end up with an impoverished world.

Email Marketing Tip: Train People to Invest In Themselves

When I originally posted this as a mini-rant on Facebook, one of my friends, Ron Pagliarulo chimed in with this excellent comment.

“I loved what Dan Kennedy said and I’ll paraphrase:

It’s extremely egotistical of someone to think they are so good, and their material is so powerful that someone just needs one exposure and they’ll get it. If you are not offering additional ways to reach out and help that customer and offer additional products you are selfish.’

Ma’am / sir. I need your email, your contact info, and ways to reach out to you to ENSURE that I truly can help you get the results you want.”

I love that suggestion. Seriously, how many of us can truly foster optimal results in others’ lives in only one interaction?

There is an immutable law of nature called The Law of Sacrifice (aka Sowing and Reaping) which states that you must invest something to receive something. The cool thing is that the Law of Sacrifice isn’t one-to-one payback. It’s exponential.

Encourage people to invest in themselves.For example, the only way for a farmer to get a plant full of beans is to sacrifice the initial bean seed to the ground. Nature pays handsome dividends to those who have the faith to invest wisely AND nourish their investment.

Remember, if you never ask people to invest, they can never reap the full benefits of what you have to offer. The sacrifice might be time, money, energy, resources or a simple email address. But if you never give folks the opportunity to invest, you deny them the opportunity to reap exponential benefits from their ongoing interactions with you.

Value yourself! Never let someone sell you or themselves short with their entitlement mentality.

Recommended Resource

By the way, whether you’re a novice or advanced with email marketing, I’d highly recommend participating in the 30-day ListBuilding Challenge from MyNAMS. They have two tracks based on your experience/knowledge and they give you access to both of them. It’s a great way to learn from people who are really succeeding big with email marketing. It’s part of their Insider’s Club and they offer a 14-day trial for only a $1 here.

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Marnie (Pehrson) Marcus is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

secret ingredient to good writing

The Secret Sauce to Viral Book Writing

Want to know what adds the WOW-Factor to your book, your message, your platform? Find out in this video I made for those in my Create A WOW Book program.

key ingredient to good writing

The key ingredient to good writing is vulnerability. Let yourself go. Put yourself out there. Get real, raw and relevant. You can always edit and reel it back in, but if you don’t allow yourself to get super vulnerable in your writing, you won’t have the secret sauce that makes truly remarkable books that connect with your reader and impact their lives.

Get Create A WOW Book and add that page-turning, shareability that we all want in our books.

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Marnie (Pehrson) Marcus is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

Are we people or puppet? Dangers of Social Media.

People Or Puppets: Dangers of Social Media

I sat down next to my husband on the couch after dinner the other night. He was fiddling with his phone, and I leaned over to snuggle on him. I caught a glimpse of his Facebook feed. As he scrolled through posts — liking things, commenting on things — I noticed something significant about his feed. It looked a lot different than mine.

His was filled with political posts, whistle-blowing articles, cop videos, military-related items, funny rants, what’s happening in Europe, etc. My feed has a few political memes, but a lot of inspirational image quotes, comments from friends about their lives, pictures of babies, families and nature. There’s also a lot of entrepreneurial information.

I’ve known for some time that Facebook feeds you information based on what you like, share, and comment on. They give you more and more of whatever you say you want to see. No big deal – right?

But then last night my husband and I were having this world discussion; and we were both mystified as to how so many people could be so blind. The evidence for our viewpoint is overwhelming. Do people not think logically anymore? Are they so blind that they believe that evil is good and good is evil? How could they be so ignorant?

I was pondering on this this morning when the thought occurred to me that this “feeding people what they want to see” could be quite deceptive, even dangerous.

Those who want to see whistle-blowing articles or news reports that support their beliefs will see them. They feel they are doing a service to the world by sharing them in their Facebook feeds, but only those who care about those subjects will see them. It will be shown to people who agree with their viewpoint — or like to find people to argue with about that viewpoint.

We aren’t informing anyone other than those who want to be informed and probably already are. Conversely, those who hold opposing views receive evidence, viewpoints and news reports that support their perspective. They see us as deceived, blind and evil. Can we not see the evidence that they see? When they share, they too are sharing with people who largely believe what they believe.

The world, for each diverse segment, is a reflection of what that segment believes. Sure, we know the opposing viewpoint exists and is growing (or dying), but we think the average individual surely sees and agrees with what we believe.

We also could be missing key pieces of information that could round out our view of reality. Do we really know what’s happening in the world? Is our view of public opinion skewed? Will we be shocked to see who wins the next presidential election because surely the majority agrees with our viewpoint?

When it comes time to vote and people go to the polls, whichever side loses will be mystified at how stupid people could be. What’s wrong with the world? Don’t they see the evidence? Probably not!

Our world view is colored by the social media lens of our own viewpoints; and reality could be something completely different.

Are We People Or Puppets? The Dangers of Social MediaAnd here is the danger…

For those who determine truth by whatever the majority believes, truth becomes relative. There is no absolute truth because people are lacking core values and beliefs — underlying principles that govern their actions and help them easily determine what is good or bad or right wrong.

A country without a moral compass who determines good or bad based on public opinion (or political correctness) can be swayed in any direction the media wants it to go. Those who maintain strong convictions based on principles will be pacified and lulled away into believing that they are making a difference by sharing on social media, when no one is hearing but the people who already believe the way they believe (or who are dead set on arguing with their viewpoint).

Sometimes, I wonder if there isn’t some group of individuals sitting back and laughing at us all as if we’re puppets on a string. Hmmmm…

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Marnie (Pehrson) Marcus is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

build your tribe before you write the first word of your book

When Should I Start Marketing My Book?

This is a common question I’m asked by authors-in-the-making, “When should I start marketing my book?”

My answer is, “Optimally, before you even write the first word.”

That’s right, the biggest mistake I see authors make is not considering their marketing from the inception.

A lot of people are shocked when I say that. Probably because they’re scared to start marketing something they haven’t even begun writing yet. What if they aren’t able to do it? What if they say they’ve got a book coming and they can’t get it done? What if they look like a fool in the process?

You don’t have to actually announce that you’re writing the book to start marketing. What you want to do is start marketing the concepts of the book and building a platform around it. This does several things:

  • It helps you get to know your audience BEFORE you write the book. Books that change lives are written FOR an audience you know, love and care about.
  • It helps your audience get to know you and build anticipation for the forthcoming book.
  • When you’re ready to launch your book, your tribe will help you create an instant best-seller.
  • You create more than a book, you create a MOVEMENT that has the potential to catch fire and create impact and leave a legacy.

Here are 6 ways to create excitement about your book now.

Write Blogs on the Subject of the Book

Blogs are a great way to actually start writing your book. I’ve written over 25 books and most of the non-fiction ones started out as a series of articles or blog posts. Blogging about your subject helps you flesh out your thoughts and get reader feedback. You learn what’s important to people, what’s catchy, what’s going to go viral.

Start Facebook Discussions Around Your Book Topic

Facebook posts and discussions are one of THE best ways to research a book and see how in-demand your subject will be. It can help you in how you word what your book is about. It can help you hone the way you speak to your audience. Try a series of short 40-60 character posts that ask Yes/No questions about your topic.  This will get people talking and you will get ideas for chapter subjects and content angles. You’ll have your finger on the pulse of your market.

build your tribe before you write the first word of your bookCreate a Facebook Community on Your Book Subject

My Light the World: How Your Brilliance Can Shift the Planet was a barn-raising effort of a hand-picked Facebook group. The material and the concepts were mine, but the group contributed at least 11 stories that illustrated my points. They helped me find the front cover graphic, edit the book, and gave me feedback and direction. By using previous articles and blogs I’d written and the input from the group, I wrote and published that book in only 30 days! By the way, I show you how I did this in my Create A WOW Book Program.

Create a Virtual Summit on the Book Subject

I’m currently working on a marriage book for entrepreneurial women. I interviewed 19 successful, happily married women entrepreneurs and recorded those interviews. They became the basis for a 2-week virtual summit and these interviews are going into the content of the book. In the process of doing a summit, I built a list around my upcoming book subject. Which is my next suggestion…

Build a Mailing List on Your Book Topic

Whether you use the virtual summit model I used or whether you come up with an informative freemium (free gift to subscribers) on your subject, you can start building a list long before you write the first word. Your freemium could be an informative video series, special report, audio/PDF combination, etc.

Speak on the Subject of the Book

I created a women’s retreat and conducted several free speaking events before I even thought to write my Light the World book. I began creating a community of individuals who believed in the concept of lighting the world. I built my tribe years before the book came into being. Perhaps that’s why it only took 30 days to write. It was being written “in the background” of my mind all along and the momentum of the tribe propelled it forward.

To learn more about how to create a platform and even a movement around your book, click here.

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Marnie (Pehrson) Marcus is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

Is Your Online Business Missing This Important Ingredient?

I’ve been talking to Light Bearers lately (folks who have a transformational method, system or message to share with the world) and I’ve been surprised at how many of them…

a) Are re-inventing themselves.

b) Aren’t sure what their niche is.

c) Don’t have a good lead generator on their Web site to get people on their mailing lists.

I’ll save items a and b for a future blog post, but for this one I’d like to zone in on the lead generator. A lead generator is something that you give people to get them on your mailing list.

are people excited to follow youThe days of “subscribe to my newsletter” are long gone. Hardly anyone is going to deliver up their name and email address to you for your newsletter. Heck, most people aren’t even doing newsletters anymore because no one reads them… At best they’ll “save them for later” and never get back around to them.

People are on information overload so whatever you offer them has to be incredibly tantalizing. I’ve been doing Facebook Ad Management for clients lately and it’s easy to track “conversions” with Facebook (if you know what you’re doing). By that, I mean, you can tell when someone fills out a form and reaches the download page for the free giveaway.

Instant downloadables work best. Webinars and telecalls are okay, but they don’t convert as well as things that offer instant gratification. Some examples of this are:

  • An Ebook that answers a pressing question
  • A Blueprint that shows your visitors how to do something they need to know.
  • An audio that offers clear benefits and offers a solution to a need.
  • A report that teaches or explains something your niche needs to know.

I think the reason why most Light Bearers don’t have lead generators is because they don’t know what the giveaway should be. They aren’t sure what to put in the giveaway. They don’t want to give away too much, but they also need to give away enough.

If you need help crafting your lead generator, get my FREE video tutorial on “How to Create a Lead Generator That Sells

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Marnie (Pehrson) Marcus is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

The Art of Message Delivery

There is an art to sharing your message in a way that reaches your audience consistently, powerfully and effectively. One of my all-time favorite marketers to follow is Carol Tuttle of Dressing Your Truth. Carol is absolutely brilliant. Her product funnel is masterful, all of her material is top notch, and there’s not a shred of doubt about who she is, what she stands for, or what her message is.

What’s more she has a flair for maximizing the use of video and creating materials that go viral. This morning, I saw her post this video, and I laughed until I cried. This has to be the most brilliant piece of marketing I have ever seen. I predict this gets shared all over the social media sphere…

Watch, learn and laugh. I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes. Read her full blog explanation here.

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Marnie (Pehrson) Marcus is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

Follow Your Passion, Build a Tribe and Change the World!

When you follow your passion and start gathering a group of people around you who are passionate about what you are, you’re building a tribe. In this video, Julie Ann Turner of ConsciousShift Radio interviews Oliver DeMille, author of FreedomShift and LeaderShift. This is hands-down THE best explanation I’ve ever heard for the rippling impact of you following your passion and building a tribe. Love it!

You’ll be able to listen to the full interview on iTunes shortly.

Want to learn more about collaboration and tribe building? Fill out the form to the right and get my Free audio. It will help you start tapping into the riches that only Quantum Collaboration can bring.

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Marnie (Pehrson) Marcus is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

This Book Changed My Life

Oliver DeMille Freedom ShiftIf you’ve followed me for long, you know that Oliver DeMille’s book FreedomSHIFT single-handedly changed the trajectory of my business AND my life. A friend introduced me to DeMille’s work back in February of 2012 and it helped me understand why I’ve been doing what I’m doing for the last two decades. It gave me an aerial view of why I’ve felt compelled to foster entrepreneurship, encourage people to think independently and to promote tribal leaders. These are the three things DeMille asserts will create a shift toward more freedom on a global scale. Being that freedom is my core value, it all made sense.

I’m super excited that my friend and colleague Julie Ann Turner will be interviewing Oliver DeMille for her ConsciousShift Radio Show Wednesday, March 20th.

There is a coming WORLD SHIFT. And, at the heart of it, is a conscious CHOICE. Will we choose force and poverty? Or freedom and prosperity? Can it be possible that such a peaceful revolution can be accomplished by three simple choices made by a relative few? Find out! Listen LIVE WED., 3/20! 2pm Pacific!  (If you miss the live broadcast, you may find the show on iTunes within a day or two.)

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Marnie (Pehrson) Marcus is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

Getting Your Tribe to Market For You

Leslie HouseholderOn our creating revenue streams call yesterday, Kirk Duncan of and Leslie Householder of both said they don’t market. As a marketer myself, I’ve watched these two with wonder, having spent some time with them personally, I can substantiate their claim. I’ve said on more than one occasion, “Just think what you could do if you marketed yourself!”

But I want to make one thing clear. Just because they say they don’t market, doesn’t mean that marketing doesn’t get done. There’s an intense amount of marketing that goes on around Kirk and Leslie. It just isn’t them or their paid team doing it. It’s their fans.

being a tribal leaderNow, much of this comes down to your definition of marketing. Both have web sites, have email lists, have Facebook pages. But so do millions of other people on the internet who don’t have the following they have. Leslie has quite the intensive marketing system in place that goes to those who are already on her list. She has a compelling give-away. Kirk gives at least two free “Body Language Shows” each month to the public. All of this can be considered “marketing.” But I know lots of other people who do similar things, and they don’t have the following or generate the revenues Kirk and Leslie do.

When Kirk and Leslie say they don’t “market,” they’re saying they aren’t out there drumming up new business, paying for advertising, wracking their brains to find new ways to reach their audiences. They aren’t constantly on Facebook and Twitter. They aren’t creating Pinterest pictures and posting them in hopes that they’ll go viral.

Why? Because their tribes market for them. For example, Kirk has appeared on local television on numerous occasions. As far as I know, he never sent a press release, never sought that out. One of his fans (whom I personally know) has a sister who used to work at the station, and she got her to bring Kirk on. He was such a hit, they kept bringing him back. His shows are largely filled by word of mouth.

I’ve been marketing Leslie for over a decade – without pay, without commission. Why? Because the woman changed my life, and in my book I’ll never be able to repay her. And I’m not the only one. When people feel that way about you, they spread the word about you. They do your marketing for you.

Make no mistakes, marketing MUST be done.

These two are fascinating examples of the power of tribe. And I want you to realize that both of them have those who love them and hate them. Especially Kirk. He can really polarize people – and he’ll admit that to you himself. But what creates the intense “raving-fan-love” for Kirk is that he’s always full-on, no-holds-barred Kirk. And if you want to build your own tribe of raving fans, you have to stop worrying about what other people think. You can’t be concerned about being PC. Yes, you’re going to alienate some people. Some people aren’t going to get you or like you or agree with you. And that’s ok, because the more YOU you can be, the more you will draw to you the exact people who are resonating completely with you and your message. That’s what goes viral.

Nobody gets excited about drinking a cup of lukewarm water. Give me a cold glass on a summer day or give me a hot cup with a pack of hot chocolate on a cold one. But lukewarm isn’t all that appealing unless you’re thirsting to death.

If you want to build a tribe and get your followers to market for you. Be hot, be cold, but don’t be lukewarm.

Build a tribe while you write your book! Join my next Create a WOW Book Program.

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Marnie (Pehrson) Marcus is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.