Getting Your Tribe to Market For You

Leslie HouseholderOn our creating revenue streams call yesterday, Kirk Duncan of and Leslie Householder of both said they don’t market. As a marketer myself, I’ve watched these two with wonder, having spent some time with them personally, I can substantiate their claim. I’ve said on more than one occasion, “Just think what you could do if you marketed yourself!”

But I want to make one thing clear. Just because they say they don’t market, doesn’t mean that marketing doesn’t get done. There’s an intense amount of marketing that goes on around Kirk and Leslie. It just isn’t them or their paid team doing it. It’s their fans.

being a tribal leaderNow, much of this comes down to your definition of marketing. Both have web sites, have email lists, have Facebook pages. But so do millions of other people on the internet who don’t have the following they have. Leslie has quite the intensive marketing system in place that goes to those who are already on her list. She has a compelling give-away. Kirk gives at least two free “Body Language Shows” each month to the public. All of this can be considered “marketing.” But I know lots of other people who do similar things, and they don’t have the following or generate the revenues Kirk and Leslie do.

When Kirk and Leslie say they don’t “market,” they’re saying they aren’t out there drumming up new business, paying for advertising, wracking their brains to find new ways to reach their audiences. They aren’t constantly on Facebook and Twitter. They aren’t creating Pinterest pictures and posting them in hopes that they’ll go viral.

Why? Because their tribes market for them. For example, Kirk has appeared on local television on numerous occasions. As far as I know, he never sent a press release, never sought that out. One of his fans (whom I personally know) has a sister who used to work at the station, and she got her to bring Kirk on. He was such a hit, they kept bringing him back. His shows are largely filled by word of mouth.

I’ve been marketing Leslie for over a decade – without pay, without commission. Why? Because the woman changed my life, and in my book I’ll never be able to repay her. And I’m not the only one. When people feel that way about you, they spread the word about you. They do your marketing for you.

Make no mistakes, marketing MUST be done.

These two are fascinating examples of the power of tribe. And I want you to realize that both of them have those who love them and hate them. Especially Kirk. He can really polarize people – and he’ll admit that to you himself. But what creates the intense “raving-fan-love” for Kirk is that he’s always full-on, no-holds-barred Kirk. And if you want to build your own tribe of raving fans, you have to stop worrying about what other people think. You can’t be concerned about being PC. Yes, you’re going to alienate some people. Some people aren’t going to get you or like you or agree with you. And that’s ok, because the more YOU you can be, the more you will draw to you the exact people who are resonating completely with you and your message. That’s what goes viral.

Nobody gets excited about drinking a cup of lukewarm water. Give me a cold glass on a summer day or give me a hot cup with a pack of hot chocolate on a cold one. But lukewarm isn’t all that appealing unless you’re thirsting to death.

If you want to build a tribe and get your followers to market for you. Be hot, be cold, but don’t be lukewarm.

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