way forward

A Way Forward For All

The longer you live in victim land the more entitled you feel. The more entitled you feel, the less personal responsibility you take. Where there is no personal responsibility there can be no freedom.
And thus, victim land equals slavery… To your fears, your lack of action, your lack of looking for solutions, and to those who wish to keep you a victim so they might enslave you. The only way to freedom is through personal responsibility.
Always beware of those who want you to continue to feel you are a victim. They generally have another agenda than your happiness.
Here are a few affirmations to help you release any victim energy. I believe if we could all release our victim energy we could move forward positively as citizens of this great land and harness the freedom it affords.
  • I act from a place of personal power and positive choices.
  • I have excellent discernment and easily distinguish truth from deception.
  • I have a strong connection to God, truth, light, and love.
  • I am self-reliant, resourceful and proactive.
  • I take personal responsibility for my own actions (or inaction) and avoid blaming others for my outcomes.
  • I see opportunities and get to work in implementing my ideas.
  • I am always supported in my worthwhile ideas, projects and pursuits.
  • I let go of any feelings of persecution.
  • I look for ways to attract positive, supportive people into my life.
  • I look for the good in any and all situations.
  • I give people the benefit of the doubt and look for the good in others.
  • I let go of worrying or concerning myself over what other people think of me.
  • I constantly attract people to me who value me and treat me fairly.
  • I treat others with respect and kindness and attract people who treat me the same.
  • I am open to, see and act upon the positive opportunities all around me.
  • I let go of obsessing over what I have perceived as grievances or lost opportunities.
  • I release from the timeline of my life any and all victim energy.
  • I stand confidently in my own personal power and am impervious to anything negative from the outside world.
  • I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  • I set clear intentions and doors open for me.
  • I am always guided by the light and am under God's protective wings
online business training

Online Business Training At Its Best

This year is whizzing by, and I’d say one of the biggest highlights of my year has been getting to work with Jen Houlk and David Perdew of MyNAMS. These folks are online business training masters.

Getting to see behind the scenes on how these brilliant minds work has been a great experience for me. I’ve also seen inside all their training materials and resources. I’m telling you, these folks know how to do business training. If you’re thinking about starting an online business or are already in one, check out their Insider’s Club.

The MyNAMS Insider’s Club is phenomenal for novice to advanced online business marketers! Btw, that’s what NAMS stands for – Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems.

Online Business Training Subjects

  • List Building Essentials
  • Business Operations
  • Easy Publishing
  • eMail Marketing Mastery
  • Create Passive Income
  • Simple Product Creation
  • Traffic Mastery
  • Content Creation
  • Affiliate and Partner Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Outsourcing Solutions
  • Social Marketing

Each of these subjects are covered as 30-day challenges. In other words, you receive 12 months worth of training on a different subject each month. I love the way they break their training into bite-sized pieces. You just log in each day of the challenge, watch a 4-5 minute video training and are given something to do to take action on what you’ve learned. They also offer a weekly live training session.

By investing a few minutes every day in your business, you’ll see big results in no time. Click here to learn more.

power of mothers

Power of Mothers: Why Liberals Want Mothers In The Worforce

There’s this article going around that says Joe Biden blamed the economy on “Lazy American Women” who won’t work. It had a bunch of derogatory statements about women who stay home in it. When I first saw it I was enraged that he was demeaning the power of mothers.
But then I realized it was a bit over the top. Nobody in his right mind would say such nonsense. So I dug deeper. I can’t find anything to corroborate the article. But I found some of the phraseology in another article and found where the original speech was given in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Oct 25, 2016. It’s on Youtube (I’ve included it below this post).
Around 26-27 minutes into the speech he says that the economy could be fixed by putting women back to work and that women stay home because of the expense of childcare. So if the government subsidized childcare, more women could work and the gov’t would create all this extra revenue.
Ok, I still have a problem with what he ACTUALLY said. Many women WANT to stay home with their kids and they CAN’T because it’s next-to-impossible for families to exist on one income.
Our grandparents could do it, our parents could do it, but we can’t. So his logic is faulty. The REAL issue is that there was no redistribution of wealth until the late 1930’s and it didn’t become incredibly prevalent until the last 30-40 years.
The REAL underlying message is that politicians want to take your children cradle-to-grave and put moms to work as slaves to cover government politician’s spending sprees.
They blow more money than American families can keep up with, so they say, “Let’s take the kids and then put the mothers to work so they can pay more taxes to us. And with two parents working, that will kick families into a higher tax bracket where we can take more of what they earn.”
“We also get the added bonus of control and power because everyone knows “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” and we want to rule the world…
Politicians: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall… who has the most power of them all?”
Mirror: “Mothers…”
Politicians: “Okay, better destroy those mothers! Or at least keep them from rocking the cradle.”

take a stand

Let’s Take a Stand: What I Stand For

Many times we speak in terms of what we don’t want or what we’d like to prevent. Today I’d like to talk about what I take a stand FOR.

  • I am FOR your right to keep the money you earn.
  • I am FOR your right to be charitable or not.
  • I am FOR your right to think, feel, believe, worship and speak as you wish.
  • I am FOR your right to hate, dislike or disagree with me in your thoughts, words, beliefs or tune out anything I say.
  • I am FOR freedom and FOR each individual taking responsibility for his or her own actions and the consequences thereof.
  • I am FOR punishment being affixed to ACTIONS that have taken life, property or freedom from another…. And clearly distinguish thoughts, feelings, beliefs and words from ACTIONS.
  • I am FOR your right to bear arms and to defend yourself against harm.
  • I am FOR maintaining and defending the U.S. Constitution.
  • I am FOR keeping our oaths and covenants we’ve made with God and men.
  • I am FOR small businesses, industry, resourcefulness and self-sufficiency.
  • I am FOR your right to do business with whomever you wish or not do business with whomever you wish.
  • I am FOR your right to worship as you see fit.
  • I am FOR anything that protects and defends life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • I am FOR standing by the country, for defending, protecting and honoring the land in which you reside and the people who populate your country.
  • I am FOR living in a sovereign nation that puts its own citizens and their protection first.
  • I am FOR the unborn and I am FOR defending future generations – their lives, their property, their liberty and FOR leaving them a legacy of faith, independence and prosperity.
  • I am FOR honoring, respecting and compensating those who risk their lives to defend our lives, liberty and property.
  • I am FOR those who have invested their hard earned dollars in Social Security to receive their own with generous interest.
  • I am FOR limited government, more personal responsibility and with God’s help a better world.

In standing FOR these things for you, I stand FOR them for myself and my family as well.

magic of prayers

The Magic of Prayers

With the craziness of this historic U.S. Presidential election tensions are running high and Americans seem to be more polarized than ever before.  It’s starting to take a toll on the average citizen.  According to a recent poll by the American Psychological Association called “Stress in America,” more than half of those questioned felt “very” or “somewhat” stressed by the election, let alone all of the other regular life stressors they have going on.

It seems there is no “off switch” for the constant and overwhelming barrage of election information as well as other negative, doom and gloom news that’s over-abundantly available nowadays on T.V., radio, in print news and on the internet.  More than ever before, individuals need simple, convenient and inexpensive ways to help deal with the stress they are feeling.

Lee Milteer, an internationally known and celebrated best-selling author and award-winning professional speaker, TV Personality, entrepreneur, self-help and stress expert, and intuitive business mentor is releasing her book called The Magic of Prayers on October 27, 2016, which is the second book in a Self-Help trilogy, and the timing could not be better.

“Prayer has been forgotten by main stream America, as a viable solution to the stress we feel,” says Milteer. This book taps into the age-old method for reducing stress levels from virtually any challenge someone is currently experiencing and will be available via her website as well as on Amazon.

Magic of Prayers – Interview with the Author

I had the privilege of interviewing Lee Milteer today about her book. Here’s the full interview:

Find out more about The Magic of Prayers and how to get your copy here.

letting love lead

Letting Love Lead the Way

I think more than anything, the people in our lives need us to be a safe place to go for a listening ear, a shoulder, a sounding board. Having a successful relationship means letting love lead. People don’t need us to be one more person condemning them or telling them they did something stupid. Most of us do quite well guilt-tripping ourselves.

People need us to believe in their ability to change, to do better, and to reach their potential. They need us to remind them of the good that is in them. They need us to remind them that God loves them, is on their side and has already paid the price to redeem them if they will just accept it and come to Him.

Letting Love Lead Doesn’t Mean Being a Doormat

In saying this, I’m not saying we must continue to associate with someone whose actions constantly undermine our peace. There may come a time when you will feel led to part ways with some people.

Even if someone is past feeling, refuses to change, or we can’t safely be in their space any longer, we can still hold hope for them that maybe one day they will find their way back to Him.

Forgive, let them go,and trust that God will take care of them and find a way to reach them when they’re ready. Get on with your life and make the best of it.

be proactive not reactive

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

When I talk about A.C.T.I.O.N., I’m saying be proactive, not reactive. There’s a big difference between reacting to circumstances and proactively taking action. In this segment of Marnie’s Motivational Moments, I talk about the factors in our lives that contribute to our success or failure versus those that actually determine our success or failure.

Knowing the difference and acting accordingly can make the difference in you achieving your aspirations or not.

Be sure to join me for my next Marnie’s Marketing Mondays if you’re ready to achieve the aspirations you have for your business.

be the voice

Be The Voice: Create a Raving Fan Base

People are hurting. There are problems that are too sensitive to talk about, that people don’t feel comfortable discussing in public, perhaps even in private. Some problems have a lot of shame associated with them (porn, suicide, addictions, etc).

In some value systems, it can be more difficult to discuss “sinful” or embarrassing subjects. In society as a whole, there are some thoughts, feelings or beliefs that would not be “politically correct” to admit in public without unleashing scorn and derision.

It is obvious that people are feeling stifled. Otherwise there wouldn’t be millions of people voting for a presidential candidate who is willing to “say anything” whether it’s politically correct or not.  This man has become “the voice” for millions who feel like society has shamed, demeaned, or stifled their thoughts, feelings and speech.

Be The Voice

In this brief video I share why it’s important to acknowledge this societal dynamic and how tapping into it could help you build a tribe (a loyal fan base). By being the voice for this voiceless group, you could leverage the power of vulnerability to deliver your message to those who desperately need it most.

jennifer lampreyPlease join me for Marnie’s Marketing Monday on October 24th as we discuss Be the Voice: How to Harness Vulnerability to Build a Tribe.” 

My special guest will be Jennifer Lamprey of The No Porn Club.

We’ll be having a deep discussion about how to speak, write and build a fan base around difficult subjects — how to be the voice for those who are too hurt or afraid to speak for themselves. In doing so, many of us have some really challenging questions:

  • How do you speak out when doing so affects other people?
  • What if you speaking out means airing someone else’s dirty laundry?
  • How do you handle backlash from family and friends?

Jennifer and I will discuss all these and more, PLUS, you’ll be able to chime in with your questions. Be sure to click here to get details on how to attend.

release perfectionism

Release Perfectionism: God Uses The Willing Not The Perfect

When I’m prone to feel I or someone else is too imperfect or has too many problems to be of any use to God, I’m going to remind myself to release perfectionism because God uses the willing, not the perfect:

  • Noah got downright naked drunk.
  • Abram got afraid and lied.
  • Even “perfect” Job feared.
  • Sara got impatient.
  • Jacob lied and stole.
  • Rebecca deceived her own husband.
  • Joseph was spoiled and a bit full of himself.
  • Moses could be hot-tempered.
  • Rahab was a harlot.
  • Gideon could be skeptical and a sign-seeker.
  • Samson slept with a woman he wasn’t married to.
  • King Saul had narcissistic and probably paranoid schizophrenic tendencies. He also tried to kill David.
  • David committed adultery and had an innocent man killed.
  • Bathsheba committed adultery.
  • Elijah got depressed and wanted to die.
  • Nebuchadnezzar was a narcissist and battled mental illness.
  • Peter got scared, swore and lied.
  • Saul (later Paul) stood by and held the cloaks of people while they stoned innocent Stephen.
  • Mary Magdellan had 7 devils cast out of her.
  • Matthew was a tax collector.
  • John and James fought over who would have more power.

You know what? God used every last one of them. I don’t know about you, but that gives me a lot of hope for myself and others.

As my friend Martina M Muir says, “Who you are is not what you’ve done.”

act now

Act NOW on Inspiration

The secret to achieving your highest aspirations is to train yourself to act now on inspiration when it strikes. In this short video I illustrate how I get so much done in a real example.

If you want to know how to make your dreams come true, watch this video and master this critical secret to success.


Act NOW!

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