magic of prayers

The Magic of Prayers

With the craziness of this historic U.S. Presidential election tensions are running high and Americans seem to be more polarized than ever before.  It’s starting to take a toll on the average citizen.  According to a recent poll by the American Psychological Association called “Stress in America,” more than half of those questioned felt “very” or “somewhat” stressed by the election, let alone all of the other regular life stressors they have going on.

It seems there is no “off switch” for the constant and overwhelming barrage of election information as well as other negative, doom and gloom news that’s over-abundantly available nowadays on T.V., radio, in print news and on the internet.  More than ever before, individuals need simple, convenient and inexpensive ways to help deal with the stress they are feeling.

Lee Milteer, an internationally known and celebrated best-selling author and award-winning professional speaker, TV Personality, entrepreneur, self-help and stress expert, and intuitive business mentor is releasing her book called The Magic of Prayers on October 27, 2016, which is the second book in a Self-Help trilogy, and the timing could not be better.

“Prayer has been forgotten by main stream America, as a viable solution to the stress we feel,” says Milteer. This book taps into the age-old method for reducing stress levels from virtually any challenge someone is currently experiencing and will be available via her website as well as on Amazon.

Magic of Prayers – Interview with the Author

I had the privilege of interviewing Lee Milteer today about her book. Here’s the full interview:

Find out more about The Magic of Prayers and how to get your copy here.

letting love lead

Letting Love Lead the Way

I think more than anything, the people in our lives need us to be a safe place to go for a listening ear, a shoulder, a sounding board. Having a successful relationship means letting love lead. People don’t need us to be one more person condemning them or telling them they did something stupid. Most of us do quite well guilt-tripping ourselves.

People need us to believe in their ability to change, to do better, and to reach their potential. They need us to remind them of the good that is in them. They need us to remind them that God loves them, is on their side and has already paid the price to redeem them if they will just accept it and come to Him.

Letting Love Lead Doesn’t Mean Being a Doormat

In saying this, I’m not saying we must continue to associate with someone whose actions constantly undermine our peace. There may come a time when you will feel led to part ways with some people.

Even if someone is past feeling, refuses to change, or we can’t safely be in their space any longer, we can still hold hope for them that maybe one day they will find their way back to Him.

Forgive, let them go,and trust that God will take care of them and find a way to reach them when they’re ready. Get on with your life and make the best of it.

be proactive not reactive

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

When I talk about A.C.T.I.O.N., I’m saying be proactive, not reactive. There’s a big difference between reacting to circumstances and proactively taking action. In this segment of Marnie’s Motivational Moments, I talk about the factors in our lives that contribute to our success or failure versus those that actually determine our success or failure.

Knowing the difference and acting accordingly can make the difference in you achieving your aspirations or not.

Be sure to join me for my next Marnie’s Marketing Mondays if you’re ready to achieve the aspirations you have for your business.

be the voice

Be The Voice: Create a Raving Fan Base

People are hurting. There are problems that are too sensitive to talk about, that people don’t feel comfortable discussing in public, perhaps even in private. Some problems have a lot of shame associated with them (porn, suicide, addictions, etc).

In some value systems, it can be more difficult to discuss “sinful” or embarrassing subjects. In society as a whole, there are some thoughts, feelings or beliefs that would not be “politically correct” to admit in public without unleashing scorn and derision.

It is obvious that people are feeling stifled. Otherwise there wouldn’t be millions of people voting for a presidential candidate who is willing to “say anything” whether it’s politically correct or not.  This man has become “the voice” for millions who feel like society has shamed, demeaned, or stifled their thoughts, feelings and speech.

Be The Voice

In this brief video I share why it’s important to acknowledge this societal dynamic and how tapping into it could help you build a tribe (a loyal fan base). By being the voice for this voiceless group, you could leverage the power of vulnerability to deliver your message to those who desperately need it most.

jennifer lampreyPlease join me for Marnie’s Marketing Monday on October 24th as we discuss Be the Voice: How to Harness Vulnerability to Build a Tribe.” 

My special guest will be Jennifer Lamprey of The No Porn Club.

We’ll be having a deep discussion about how to speak, write and build a fan base around difficult subjects — how to be the voice for those who are too hurt or afraid to speak for themselves. In doing so, many of us have some really challenging questions:

  • How do you speak out when doing so affects other people?
  • What if you speaking out means airing someone else’s dirty laundry?
  • How do you handle backlash from family and friends?

Jennifer and I will discuss all these and more, PLUS, you’ll be able to chime in with your questions. Be sure to click here to get details on how to attend.

release perfectionism

Release Perfectionism: God Uses The Willing Not The Perfect

When I’m prone to feel I or someone else is too imperfect or has too many problems to be of any use to God, I’m going to remind myself to release perfectionism because God uses the willing, not the perfect:

  • Noah got downright naked drunk.
  • Abram got afraid and lied.
  • Even “perfect” Job feared.
  • Sara got impatient.
  • Jacob lied and stole.
  • Rebecca deceived her own husband.
  • Joseph was spoiled and a bit full of himself.
  • Moses could be hot-tempered.
  • Rahab was a harlot.
  • Gideon could be skeptical and a sign-seeker.
  • Samson slept with a woman he wasn’t married to.
  • King Saul had narcissistic and probably paranoid schizophrenic tendencies. He also tried to kill David.
  • David committed adultery and had an innocent man killed.
  • Bathsheba committed adultery.
  • Elijah got depressed and wanted to die.
  • Nebuchadnezzar was a narcissist and battled mental illness.
  • Peter got scared, swore and lied.
  • Saul (later Paul) stood by and held the cloaks of people while they stoned innocent Stephen.
  • Mary Magdellan had 7 devils cast out of her.
  • Matthew was a tax collector.
  • John and James fought over who would have more power.

You know what? God used every last one of them. I don’t know about you, but that gives me a lot of hope for myself and others.

As my friend Martina M Muir says, “Who you are is not what you’ve done.”

act now

Act NOW on Inspiration

The secret to achieving your highest aspirations is to train yourself to act now on inspiration when it strikes. In this short video I illustrate how I get so much done in a real example.

If you want to know how to make your dreams come true, watch this video and master this critical secret to success.


Act NOW!

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open your eyes to opportunities

Open Your Eyes to Opportunities

This segment of Marnie’s Motivational Moments is about the O in A.C.T.I.O.N. for Open Your Eyes to Opportunities. When you set your feet in motion, doorways of opportunities start to open. But you may also run into challenges and roadblocks.

What if your answers are right in front of you? all around you? and you’re just not seeing them? In my experience that’s EXACTLY where they are. The answers to your most pressing problems are in the little things all around you.

There are people, events, resources, and opportunities within reach for you to achieve your big aspirations.

But, if you don’t open your eyes to see them, you will miss out on them. Watch this short video which explains how to open your eyes and see opportunities and answers.

Are you feeling inspired to put your work or message into the world? Let me show you how with Marnie’s Marketing Mondays.

trump's lewd comments

Trump’s Lewd Comments

Recent political hoopla over Trump’s lewd comments and all of the crimes and indecencies of the Clinton’s is symptomatic of a society with no morals. People lie to get what they want. We watch and read smut and call it entertainment. The majority of men have (or have had) a porn addiction.

Women are no better. We throw ourselves at men in hopes of some morsel of acceptance in our misdirected quest for value. People use any excuse to murder and loot in the name of some “cause.”

Trump’s Lewd Comments Are Symptoms of a Corrupt Society

As a nation we have no integrity. Why do we suddenly claim we have moral high ground to stand on when we discover candidates are cut from the same cloth as ourselves and have said or done things that are immoral, vulgar, irresponsible, deceptive or downright traitorous?

We can sit here and argue over who is worse or we can take a long hard look at ourselves and get our own houses in order and decide what we need to change in our own homes and families to DESERVE a better America. “He that is without sin, cast the first stone… go and sin no more.”

Making wrong choices narrows our selection of good choices. This election is the culmination of decades of wrong choices we have collectively made as a nation. We get what we deserve and at this point we’re going to have to use our own personal discernment to decide which candidate is most likely to stop some of the bleeding and which will continue to carve on the corpse.

I recommend we all go humble ourselves, self examine, repent of our own misdeeds, and ask God who that candidate might be.

Running for President: Not For The Faint of Heart

Running for president would take a brave soul. Every move, every word, every choice in your life would be sought out and scrutinized. Then, only your worst moments would be shouted from the housetops. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

As much as I’ve tried to live a clean life and make good choices and help people, there are moments I’m not proud of. There are some seasons I got so off course I look back and think “That wasn’t me. Surely I didn’t do and say that! What would possess me to do that? I would never do that now. That’s not me.”

But that wouldn’t matter would it? Yep, running for president definitely is not a pursuit for the squeamish.

lesser of two evils

Logic Behind the Electoral College

There has been much debate over the Electoral College. For example, when Bush and Gore were fighting over the Florida vote and Bush won, he actually had fewer popular votes than Gore, but had more electoral collage votes. Many felt this was inappropriate – that the majority of the people should rule.

Why did the Founding Fathers incorporate the Electoral College into the Constitution? Some say, ”Well, they didn’t think about something like this happening.” Actually they did think about something like this happening, and it is the very reason they developed the Electoral College.

What the Founding Fathers were trying to do was create a system of checks and balances between the popular vote and the state vote. The Founders continually debated over ”states rights” and federal power. If the United States of America were a democracy, then we would go simply on the popular vote, but the United States of America is not a democracy. It is a republic (see the Pledge of Allegiance).

Now, I’m not talking about political parties here, I’m talking about systems of government. A democracy is rule by majority. A republic is rule by law. In our case, the law is the Constitution.

The Electoral College is in place to prevent the majority vote of densely populated states from overpowering the rest of the nation. It is in place to give an equal footing for the states. In the Bush-Gore election year, Bush had 30 states while Gore had 20 states. So, Bush did have the majority of states, while Gore had a slightly higher number of individual votes.

This is one of the few times in American history that the Electoral College influenced an election in a powerful way – a way that the Founding Fathers intended. It protected us from a pure democracy, which the Founding Father’s feared.

As James Madison stated, ”Hence it is that democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and in general have been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths… A republic, by which I mean a government in which a scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect and promises the cure for which we are seeking.” (James Madison, Federalist Papers, the McClean Edition, The Federalist Paper #10, page 81, 1788 )