Email Marketing Tip: Let Freeloaders Move Along

Here’s an email marketing tip for you that I originally posted as a rant about a Facebook comment I saw.

A colleague is offering a series of helpful training videos on her area of expertise. She made a Facebook post offering this training with a link. If you click the link, you are given the opportunity to sign up for the video series with your name and email address. My colleague will then email you a series of educational training modules over the course of several days.

In response to my colleague’s post, I read this comment:

“If you really wanted to help people, you would not make them “sign up” to even find out what you are talking about!”

Email Marketing Tip: Let the Freeloaders Roll on By

Can you see me rolling my eyes? In this world we exchange things… time for money, groceries for money, energy for resources, and sometimes we trade information for a name and an email.

You wouldn’t walk into a grocery store and say, “If you really wanted to help people you’d give me this food.” Yes, it might help you in that moment to give you that food, but if that store did that all the time, they’d be out of business and you wouldn’t have anywhere to buy food.

Email Marketing Tip: Value Yourself & What You Have to Offer

This sense of entitlement that everyone should just give away their skills, time, money, knowledge, and resources if they really care about people is nonsense. All it does is deplete the producers so they can’t continue to offer their services. On the flip side, it creates indolence and sloth in those who have been enabled until they believe the world owes them everything for nothing.

Sorry, the real world doesn’t work that way…

The end result (if the world DID work this way) would be that producers wouldn’t have the funds to keep producing. They’d stop. Combine that with lazy people who refuse to produce, and you end up with an impoverished world.

Email Marketing Tip: Train People to Invest In Themselves

When I originally posted this as a mini-rant on Facebook, one of my friends, Ron Pagliarulo chimed in with this excellent comment.

“I loved what Dan Kennedy said and I’ll paraphrase:

It’s extremely egotistical of someone to think they are so good, and their material is so powerful that someone just needs one exposure and they’ll get it. If you are not offering additional ways to reach out and help that customer and offer additional products you are selfish.’

Ma’am / sir. I need your email, your contact info, and ways to reach out to you to ENSURE that I truly can help you get the results you want.”

I love that suggestion. Seriously, how many of us can truly foster optimal results in others’ lives in only one interaction?

There is an immutable law of nature called The Law of Sacrifice (aka Sowing and Reaping) which states that you must invest something to receive something. The cool thing is that the Law of Sacrifice isn’t one-to-one payback. It’s exponential.

Encourage people to invest in themselves.For example, the only way for a farmer to get a plant full of beans is to sacrifice the initial bean seed to the ground. Nature pays handsome dividends to those who have the faith to invest wisely AND nourish their investment.

Remember, if you never ask people to invest, they can never reap the full benefits of what you have to offer. The sacrifice might be time, money, energy, resources or a simple email address. But if you never give folks the opportunity to invest, you deny them the opportunity to reap exponential benefits from their ongoing interactions with you.

Value yourself! Never let someone sell you or themselves short with their entitlement mentality.

Recommended Resource

By the way, whether you’re a novice or advanced with email marketing, I’d highly recommend participating in the 30-day ListBuilding Challenge from MyNAMS. They have two tracks based on your experience/knowledge and they give you access to both of them. It’s a great way to learn from people who are really succeeding big with email marketing. It’s part of their Insider’s Club and they offer a 14-day trial for only a $1 here.

A Prayer for America

Every night at 9pm I say a prayer for America. Will you join me in this habit of praying at 9pm for our country? My prayer this evening to our Father in Heaven is that…

God will heal our hearts and our land.

That we will awaken to a sense of our awful situation and turn to God for direction, for wisdom, for common sense, for true hope, and a bright future for our children and grandchildren.

That those who have been reared in chaos, violence, and poverty, who feel they have nothing to lose, will find mentors and guides to lift them from their situation and know that their lives do matter.

They do not have to live in these awful conditions. Help them to know peace, productivity and purpose.

Guide good people to them to love, mentor and light the way for them.

Pour out your protection on our law enforcement and military who risk their lives to protect the rest of us. Send angels round about them to bear them up and keep them safe. Give them wisdom and understanding to make wise split-second choices in difficult situations.

Give hope to the hopeless, sight to the blind. Help the deaf to hear Your voice and those who walk in darkness to finally see the light.

Open our eyes that we may see each other through YOUR eyes and witness the divine in each other.

Protect the pure in heart, those who are striving to be kind to their fellowman. Protect those who have a desire to lift our people and make the world a better place.

Remove from public office those who would destroy and degrade our country. Replace them with good, honest people who will seek to uphold their oaths of office.

Lord, only YOU see the thoughts and intents of the heart. You be the judge. We release judgement of any and all, knowing we ourselves are not blameless of our own faults. Vengeance is thine, we step out of the way and allow You to repay.

Show mercy to those who are lost and confused, for we too have been lost and confused and have felt Your mercy.

Forgive those who have caused or seek to cause harm to those we love; for we know that we too need Your forgiveness.

Please hear the prayers and the cries of those of us who put our trust in You, Father. In the name of Your precious, perfect Son, Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

Share A Prayer for America Video

talking head videos

Talking Head Videos In 5 Simple Steps

When you need to create great talking head videos for your business you need to be at your best. People sense if you are feeling down, scattered or frustrated. It bleeds through into your video.

What do you do when you need to create talking head videos, but you can’t seem to zone in on doing it right? It can be very frustrating. Especially so if you’re all dressed up and your hair and make-up turned out just right, but you can’t seem to stop tripping over your words.

If you want to create great talking head videos, 99% of it is in your mind and in your attitude. If you can get your mind and energy right, everything else will fall into place.

Here are five simple steps to creating those great talking head videos.

1. Call Back your Energy for Talking Head Videos

Many times we’re unable to focus because we’re too concerned about other things. Maybe your child is having some issues. Or maybe your sister’s going through a divorce. Maybe you’re concerned about your own future. All that energy dispersal is leaving you little for the task at hand, so call it back. Here’s an exercise I use.

call back your energy like you're gathering flowersOutstretch your arms and make a gathering motion like you’re gathering arms-full of flowers. Make this gathering motion as you say each statement aloud. You will replace the words in brackets with whatever is relevant to you.

  • I take back my energy from [my sister’s life].
  • I take back my energy from [my children’s lives].
  • I take back my energy from concerns and regrets of the past.
  • I take back my energy from concerns about the future.

Add your own statements. Be thorough! Keep calling your energy back from wherever it may be dispersed. At the end, hug yourself for a few minutes. Take several deep breaths. As you do, think of releasing all the worry/concern and breathing in all the energy that is now yours to be focused.

2. Decide the Outcome You Want Your Viewer to Experience

  • Do you want them to have more hope about their situation?
  • Do you want them to come away knowing how to do something specific?
  • Do you want them to feel compelled to work with you?
  • Do you want them to sign up for what you’re giving away?
  • Perhaps you want them to feel inspired, happy, motivated, understood?

3. Relax and Trust That You Can Do This

Now, here are a few more affirmations for you in preparation for filming.

  • I am focused and clear about what I want to say.
  • I easily create this video.
  • The words are given to me in the moment that I need them.
  • I relax and trust the process.
  • I can easily create a compelling video quickly and smoothly.
  • I trust that the people who watch my video will receive exactly what they need.
  • When people watch this video, they will [feel/experience … insert your desired outcome here].

4. Say a Little Prayer

That’s what Mama always taught me to do before a quiz or test or whenever I needed a little extra help. I think it’s fantastic advice. Say a little prayer and ask that people will get what they need, that you’ll be given the right words and that it will flow easily from you.

5. Do It! Pick up that Camera and Shoot!

Learn more about mindset and energy shifting here.

Britain Leaves EU: Possible First of Many FreedomShifts

This is a landmark day for freedom as Britain leaves EU. This move to assert their independence and leave the EU is VERY encouraging because this is a MAJOR Freedom Shift for a world power.
According to Oliver DeMille who has studied over 3000 years of civilization and the patterns within them, we are in line for a coming world shift ... either toward more force or more freedom. Shifts come for nations approximately every 100 years and we're due. DeMille believes we're in line for a global shift this time.
Britain leaves EUThis is why Britain's move is incredibly significant. May more and more nations choose freedom over socialism and dictatorship. 
YES, it will shake up the apple cart... be patient. You can't take a closet, a home, a life or a planet to a higher level of order without creating a little chaos along the way.
You can't shift a world without a little chaos, but in the end, nothing beats freedom!
Check out DeMille's book if you'd like to learn more about what you can do to help promote a FreedomShift.

Repercussions of Britain Leaving the EU

I was happy to hear that Britain won't be put "at the back of the line" in trade negotiations for leaving the EU (as Obama threatened). If Trump is elected he assures they'll be right where they've always been as good friends and allies.

I admire their courage to shake up the apple cart for the sake of freedom.

As Patrick Henry said, "Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!"

 If you're curious how this might affect the US economy, Britain or Europe, here's a good article giving a US based financial expert's opinion on the situation.

Facebook Advertising: 2 Things You MUST KNOW

At any given time I’m managing nearly two dozen Facebook advertising campaigns for my clients. They’re selling everything from classic cars to cat litter to life coaching programs to WordPress plugins.

There are two important things I’ve learned about Facebook advertising I’d like to share with you. If you don’t realize these two things you could draw erroneous conclusions and waste serious money on your Facebook advertising.

#1 Keep An Open Mind

Avoid making sweeping generalities about what works or what doesn’t. Here are a couple statements I’ve heard people make (usually clients who’ve taken classes from supposed experts).

  • “I hear mobile is the only way to go when running Facebook ads today.”
  • “Images without words work better than images with words.”

Here’s the deal, you can’t make sweeping generalities like that. You can’t even make those types of generalities about all of one client’s campaigns. Every ad is different and you should keep your mind open about what is going to work or not.

I have one client for whom we’ve discovered Mobile and Instagram is the only way to go for one of their campaigns. For another client’s campaign we discovered Mobile Newsfeed was costing them $1.97/click verses Mobile Audience Network which was only costing them $.21/click.

Still others do better with desktop only. Keep your mind open to the possibilities and don’t carry assumptions from one ad campaign to the next.

As for those images, test, test, test. I’ve had some campaigns work better with images containing text and other campaigns do better with images only.

#2 Don’t Jump to Conclusions without Sufficient Data

I’ve had clients dig into their stats after a couple days and make quick conclusions about what is working and what’s not.

A client who is running a $5/day test might say something like, “People ages 35-44 are giving me the cheapest results on the ads we uploaded two days ago. Let’s turn everything off but ages 35-44.”

I’ve done what the client asked only to discover that price per conversion skyrocketed or action on the ad came to a crawl when we made a hasty decision.

Same goes for images. You might run several images against each other for a few days and make an assumption that one image is going to give you the best cost per conversion only to discover that the more it runs, the more the price goes up.

If you hastily deactivate other ads, you may need to turn them back on. When you do, you might discover another ad gets better results than the one you chose hastily.

What If You’re On a Limited Facebook Advertising Budget?

When I have a client with a limited budget who would like to test several images or ads, I realize we can’t test them all at the same time. They need to be tested in small groups to discover which ones are going to do best. You also have to give them enough time to collect enough data.

Important Note: Sometimes Facebook chooses a “winning ad” and gives it more exposure. Bear in mind that Facebook is self-serving. They sometimes pick ads that make FACEBOOK the most money. Pay close attention to the stats. You may need to turn off Facebook’s “winner” and force one of your other ads to run so you can get the best bang for your buck.

Approach Facebook advertising with the curiosity of a child and the wisdom of a statisticianRemember Your College Stats Class

Bottom line, good ol’ college statistics is helpful when you’re managing Facebook ads. Remember the larger the sampling size, the more accurate the data. Numbers may not lie, but if you don’t have enough numbers, you can make serious errors in judgement.

Approach Facebook advertising with the curiosity of a child and the wisdom of a statistician.

If you’d like to discuss your Facebook Ad Management campaign, I offer a free 20-minute strategy session here.




Write Books, Create Info Products: Summer Special

Summer is the best time to write books, create information products and prepare for the back-to-school education mindset most people have come September. And I’ve got something to help make that SUPER easy for you to do this summer.

Honeymoon Couple on Beach

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My Honeymoon Is Your Big Break!

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How to Create Information Products FAST!
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Clear a Path for Your Success

Breakthrough to Radiance
Bust through fear, overwhelming feelings, and chaos to impact lives and step into your own abundant life. This course is designed to move 7 of the typical emotional and mental barriers entrepreneurs face out of your way. It clears a path for your success and for a limited time includes a 1-on-1 session with me to address things that are unique to you and your situation.

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Society’s Solution: Get To the Root Cause

Everybody’s wondering how to find solutions to society’s problems. But you can’t effectively treat an illness by treating symptoms. You must know and treat the root cause.

If someone comes to me who is struggling in some aspect of their life or business, I immediately try to find the root cause. This could be a belief, idea or habit (usually caused by trauma or conditioning) that is rippling out into the person’s actions and is producing the symptomatic problems.

As I have observed and ferreted through society’s disturbing symptoms of terror, hate, anger, murder and depravity, I have followed the trail back to one root cause.

No One Else Is Talking About This (That I Know Of)

I’ve seen lots of opinions offered, but I haven’t seen anyone else hit upon this one. Hate has been mentioned, but what is at the root of hate? You have to dig deeper than hate. Hate is a symptom of a root cause. You, see if you are suffering from a bad enough case of this root cause, you HAVE to hate anyone who doesn’t agree with you… but I’ll get to why that is in a moment.

I’d like to add, there’s no pointing fingers here. I’ve experienced this ugly root cause as well. None of us is fully immune to the malady that ails us.

So What Is the Root Cause?

In a word: Idolatry. That’s an Old Testament word most of us think was reserved for past generations who worshiped wood and stone idols. Surely, modern society is too sophisticated for that. But, hear me out.

People invent their own ideological gods who will condone their own lusts and desires, making the activities and habits that grow from them acceptable.

Our gods morph to our imaginative indulgences and carnal depravity.

We govern our make-believe gods with relative standards. Whatever feels good, feeds our egos, or justifies our behavior is the god-condoned course.

Since our ideological gods are defenseless, they require defending. In actuality, their only substance is our own egos which makes defending them a first order of priority. Any attack against them is an attack against our egos. Defending these ego-driven gods includes:

  • condoning anger towards those who believe differently than we do,
  • hateful remarks,
  • lying to those who disagree with us,
  • hating, abusing or even killing those who do not conform to our ideological gods.
  • transforming the bloodthirst of mass murder into god-commanded behavior.

The Solution – Follow the True God

One day we will each come to the rude awakening that God is an actual being with a personality and an absolute identity who lives by a set of eternal absolute truths which lead to ultimate joy.

His unwavering adherence to eternal truths is perhaps the very reason He is God.

For us, living by those truths is rarely the easy or cushy path.

The true God’s path is a plan of ultimate happiness which requires

  • self-mastery,
  • discipline and
  • service.

But the rewards are great. A life of discipleship accesses an enabling power (aka grace) that changes our hearts. Grace eventually conquers our carnal desires until we have no more disposition to do evil but to do good continually. This means…

  • Out goes hate; in comes love.
  • Out goes revenge; in comes forgiveness.
  • Out goes misery; in comes joy.
  • Out goes death; in comes life.
  • Out goes slavery; in comes freedom.
  • Out goes destruction; in comes restoration.

gods of our imagination

The true God saves, loves, and heals those who come under His protective wings.

We access the power of His grace by

  • striving to truly know Him and
  • demonstrating our love for Him by keeping His commandments.

The gods of our imagination who condone our bad behavior and base passions are only illusions. They never had and never will have the power to save, heal, deliver or perfect us. Like dumb idols of stone and wood they stand idly by as we destroy ourselves.

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Funeral

I ran across this essay I wrote about taking my children to my Granny White’s funeral back in August 1999. Hard to believe it’s been nearly 17 years since she passed.

On August 2nd, my grandmother passed away after 9 years in a nursing home with advanced Alzheimer’s. Her passing brought back fond memories, and actually was seen by her family as a joyful occasion to celebrate her freedom from the chains of her earthly body and mind.

In Loving Memory of "Granny" Thelma White Born 23 September 1910 Died: 2 August 1999

In Loving Memory of
Thelma White
Born 23 September 1910
Died: 2 August 1999

On August 4th we attended her funeral. It was a lovely funeral — at least what I saw of it. I think if my Granny was watching, she would have gotten a lot of really good laughs…

Greg [my husband at the time] was a pallbearer and was riding in the van for the pallbearers, so they had my kids and me get in a limousine. They loaded up all the cars, but no one ever came to drive ours.

They motioned the line of cars on until they were all gone but mine. I was just sitting there with the baby on my lap and Jillian (2 years old), Caleb (9 years) and Joshua (7 years) in the back seat — no driver.

Finally after me waving at him for what seemed like eons, this man came over to ask me who was driving my car. I said, ”I don’t have a clue.” They hurried up and grabbed this white-haired elderly man to drive our limousine.

He couldn’t even get the car into gear. He kept fumbling around with the steering wheel and every knob he could find. The car started coasting over toward the building. He even popped the hood while fumbling all around the steering wheel trying to get the car to go. I was sitting there thinking, ”Man, I’m going to miss the funeral procession, and we’ll be lucky if we even make it there alive with this poor old senile man driving!”

Finally, he got the car in gear and drove like a madman to catch up with the procession. Along the way, the driver informed me he had worked with my Granny at American Uniform so that tells you how old he was (she was a month shy of 89 when she died).

We had to drive for about 40 minutes into the country to this old family cemetery. About half-way there, the limousine started dinging and flashing “Low Fuel Levels” messages. I spent the remaining 20 minutes praying that the car wouldn’t run out of gas. I was sure this poor old man wouldn’t know the way if we got left behind, and we were the last car in the procession. No one would ever see that we were missing.

We evidently weren’t the only ones having trouble… my cousin’s husband was driving the lead car and even took a wrong turn down a dead end street along the way.  This stalled the procession for some time as they worked to get the cars back on the right road.

Meanwhile in the back seat of our car… Josh was doing his usual subtle picking at Jillian that makes her absolutely bonkers. She was whining and jumping all over the back seat like a monkey and kicking Josh and the back of the driver’s seat. At one point, she slipped all the way down until the seat belt was around her neck.

She had been wild the whole day. During the funeral itself, I had to take her and Nathan (the baby) out because they were fighting over the LifeSavers that I was shoving into Jillie’s mouth as fast as I could to keep her quiet. I guess I gave her too many because she started yelling, ”I WANNA DRINK!” I could tell she was on the verge of one of her hissy fits. So, totally embarrassed, I lugged a child in each arm, down the endless isle and out the back door.

Needless to say, I never got the chance to be sad. And I’m positive my Granny wasn’t either.

Here’s a short video I put together of some photos of my Granny and her playing the piano. She used to play in a silent movie house.

leave a legacy

Impact Lives and Leave Your Legacy

You have a message, method or system inside you that can literally transform lives. What you know can completely shift the way people think. When you put that message into a compelling, engaging book, your legacy lives on forever. Your impact ripples into infinity!

If writing a book is on your list this year, I want you to know something… not all books are created equal. Books that engage and compel people to share them take special crafting. And it’s not about being a wordsmith or having perfect grammar (just ask the editors of my 25 titles)! It’s something entirely different that even a child can learn.

Through the power of story and collaboration, you can create your own page-turner.  I will show you how with my exclusive, proprietary system for creating WOW books!

Here’s what Kathleen Gage has to say about my Create a WOW Book System:

kathleengage“Oh my goodness Marnie! I can’t begin to thank you enough for the great course you created and taught that I participated in many months ago.

I had been thinking of writing a book about women and online marketing for quite some time. Years actually. But I continued to procrastinate. That is until I took your course.

Power Up for Profits: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing is now available on Amazon and other online locations.

Something about the way you presented the material, encouraged your students (that would be me) and the guidance you gave is beyond compare.

I am incredibly confident my book will serve thousands upon thousands of women (and men) who know they need to incorporate online means to build their business while honoring who they are, trusting Spirit and living their truth. Oh yes, and making lots of money in the process.

Thank you my friend, colleague, mentor. The world is a better place because of your light.”

Please join me! Go through the Create A WOW Book System at your own pace AND receive a private phone call with me to get specific answers to your book project questions.

What are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to start impacting the lives you’re on this planet to touch!

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An Author’s Golden Elixir

I’d been fascinated by the life of my 4th great grandmother, Dicey Langston, for nearly two decades before deciding to write a book about her life. Her story was the first fiction novel I ever wrote. It hooked me, reeled me into the power of fiction and the golden elixir of story. Over the next few years, I wrote at least nine more novels, eventually tutoring with editors to further perfect my craft.

Writing fiction was a part of my “hero’s journey” as an author. I traveled to other worlds and brought back the elixir of story. In every nonfiction book I’ve written since then, you’ll find stories woven throughout. Stories are what engage your readers, draw them in, connect to their hearts. Once the emotional connection is established, it is much easier to convey principles.

When you emotionally connect truth to a memorable story, it’s like linking a memory to a song. You know what I’m talking about. There’s that song that comes on and suddenly you’re transported back in time to a funny memory of the sixth grade or back to your first kiss. Stories that tug at your emotions implant truths deep into your mind where they stick. Remember the story, and you “feel” the principle. It becomes a part of you at a deeper level than if someone just “preached at you” insisting, “you should do this or that.”

This is why the central focus of my Create a WOW Book System is my Collaborative Creation and Story Method. Once you learn how to craft a compelling story, you have the building blocks of a page-turner.

Use the magic of story to create a WOW with your book – join my Create a WOW Book System