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Thrive Again: Recognize Whether You’re Being Used

In relationships, there are often those who feel entitled (USERS) and those who are so kind-hearted they have no clear boundaries and don’t know how to say “no.”

People who are lazy and feel the world owes them something tend to select relationship partners who are kind-hearted, hard-working, giving and boundary-less (OVER-PRODUCERS). In the end, the USER becomes helplessly enabled and the OVER-PRODUCER ends up used, crushed, and depleted.

Should an Over-Producer decide to break free of the abusive dynamic, the User will employ a variety of manipulative tactics — including guilt tripping the person they’re sucking dry, lying, shifting blame, making excuses, deflecting people’s focus off of them, and even violence (click here to learn more about their manipulative tactics).

What’s True for Individuals Is True of Nations

atlas shruggedThe same dynamic is going on at a national and global level. The Users are draining the Over-Producers dry. And if anyone dares say the Over-Producers are being used and should set boundaries that protect them from abuse, then the Users call them names, accuse them of phobias, racism, cruelty and a myriad of other “politically incorrect” vices.

Let’s face it, no tick wants to be removed from its host. It will always burrow in deeper when threatened with removal.

The sad part is when other kind-hearted (yet naive) Over-Producers haven’t awakened to the fact that they’re being used, and fight their fellow producers.

One of my favorite books on this subject is Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. It’s definitely worth the read if you struggle with being an Over-Producer. It changed my life, awakened me to how I was enabling others, and reading it was the first step to my recovery.

“If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders – What would you tell him?”

I…don’t know. What…could he do? What would you tell him?”

To shrug.”

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

It’s time for America to Shrug! Is it time for you to shrug too?


America, Put Your Oxygen Mask On (1)

Put Your Oxygen Mask On, America!

If a mom never took time for self-care and constantly spent her strength on her career, volunteering, saying “yes” to everything asked of her until she was depleted, ragged and worn and she had no time to enjoy her life or children, we’d tell her she’s killing herself. That she needs to put her oxygen mask on herself first.

America, setting boundaries is not xenophobicWhy do we expect our nation to

  • spend her strength in foreign wars,
  • pay to bail out every corporation,
  • take responsibility for other people’s refugees,
  • rebuild other nations,
  • spoil our children with freebies

when we’re drowning in debt and our elderly live on peanut butter? Our seniors are the ones who invested their lives’ earnings for a retirement, yet they have been stolen from and treated like second class citizens.

Many of our own people are homeless, barely scraping by, and those who protect us are paid peanuts and begrudged pay and medical care when they return home from fighting in these foreign wars.

What is true for an individual is true for a nation. It’s time to put the oxygen mask on ourselves. It’s not only logical, it’s the merciful thing to do.

Speaking as someone who has been physically depleted in recent months, when you get to that point, you’re no good to anyone. The best thing for everyone is for you to get healthy again, rest and focus on those close to home.

I’m getting so sick of people saying its callous, selfish, evil, racist or egotistical for America to focus on our own health as a nation instead of saving the world when we’re teetering on demise ourselves.

all trump has is votes

All Trump Has Is Votes

marnie and caleb at republican convention

My son Caleb and I served as County, District and State Delegates to the Republican Presidential election in 2012. We witnessed first-hand the corruption there.

Have you heard the GOP say, "All Trump Has Is Votes"?  What do they mean by that? Isn't that what a candidate needs? In this video I share my first-hand experience with the corruption inside the GOP and what the Republican Party REALLY means by their statement that "All Trump Has Is Votes."

The original delegate selection process, which was instrumental in Reagan's nomination, has now been changed as of 2012, making it more difficult (if not impossible) for outsiders like Reagan, Trump or Cruz to be nominated against GOP wishes.

I made this video because I feel it's important to share what I've seen. Most people don't know how the system works or how corrupt it can be. This is not a pro-Trump video. It's pro-fairness for any and all candidates who may not be part of the "Good ol' boys" network.


To watch the full Republican National Convention Teleprompter video clip, go here.

on target to reach a million twitter followers in 2 months

On Target to Reach a Million Twitter Followers in 2 Months


Have you ever wished you could reach lots more people than who are following you on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc? A little less than two months ago I began using a free collaborative marketing service that lets me reach other people's Twitter  followers with my message.

For example, I have a little over 4,800 Twitter followers, but in less than 2 months I've reached an additional 800,000 Twitter followers with my posts! Best of all, I didn't pay a dime to do it! (If I had wanted to reach even more people faster, there is a paid option, but I didn't use that.)

In this brief video I show you step-by-step how to boost your Tweets to other people's followers through the power of collaboration using CoPromote.


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* Note that these are my results based on my connections and my Twitter followers. Your results will vary depending upon how many followers you have, how actively you use the service. how much you share the service with others, and how engaging your boosted posts are.


Thrive Again: Who You Are is Not What You Do

Who You Are Is Not What You Do

My friend Martina Muir says, “Who You Are Is Not What You’ve Done.” I’ve put a little twist on it… “Who you are is not what you do” either.

When you lose the ability to do what you’ve always done, it can create such a sense of loss that it strikes at the core of who you are as a person. You know what I mean — those things we do that define us:

  • the pianist who has lost a hand,
  • the football player who’s had one too many concussions, or
  • the elderly bus driver who’s judgment is impaired and can’t drive anymore.
  • the mom whose children are all grown and have moved away from home.
  • the entrepreneur who is suffering a health challenge that affects her ability to work.

When one talent becomes our identity and that talent is damaged or lost, it can make you feel worthless and as if you don’t hold any value anymore.

In this segment I talk about dealing with this kind of loss and how to reframe the situation to discover who you really are. If you’d like to work this through with someone and process the loss, click here.

Gather Blog Readers Into a Facebook Custom Audience

Gather a Custom Facebook Audience from Your Blog Visitors


facebook custom audiencesHave you ever wished you could reach everyone who read one of your blog posts? Or maybe you wish you could gather everyone who read a series of your blog posts on a certain topic? With Facebook's Custom Audience feature, you can gather a list of people who have read specific blog posts or visited specific pages on your web site -- without them even having to opt-in to anything.

The first thing you need to do is add the Facebook Pixel to the header of your blog pages. Here's how to add the Facebook pixel to your WordPress site in only about 6 minutes.

Then, in this video I show you how to gather a custom audience of people who have read a series of blog posts. Once the list is large enough (20 or more people) you can run Facebook ads to these individuals. This is a great way to reach people whom you know are interested in your topic.

How to Install Facebook Pixels In 6 Minutes Or Less

How to Install Facebook Pixels On Your WordPress Site in 6 Minutes Or Less


Whether you're ready to start advertising on Facebook or not, it's smart to at least start gathering a custom audience of people who have visited your web site. By placing a Facebook Pixel Code in the header of each page of your web site, Facebook can start gathering visitors into a custom list that you can advertise to later. These people can be stored for up to 180 days.

Installing Your Facebook Pixel Doesn't Have to Be a Nightmare

install facebook ad pixels in 6 minutes or lessMost people think installing a pixel code on every page of their Web site is going to be a time consuming, tedious nightmare. It's really not. It's quite simple. In fact, I show you exactly how to do it in the 6-minute video below.

If you have a WordPress web site, installing your default pixel is easy. It's also easy to place alternate pixels on pages to track other things like leads, completed registrations and purchases. In this video, I show you how to install your default pixel on every page of your site AND how to install a completed registration pixel on your "download" or "thank you" pages. These are the pages that people go to when they give their name and email to sign up for something on your Web site.

When your objective with advertising is to build your list, this Completed Registration Pixel is very important. You can optimize your ad campaign for completed registrations and this completed registration pixel enables you to do that.

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Each Loss Deserves Its Own Grief

Thrive Again: Each Loss Deserves Its Own Grief


When you have suffered multiple setbacks or losses, it's important not to lump them all together into one big loss. This is something my husband taught me about how to process multiple losses:

Are you ready to bounce-back from loss? Would you like to reset and rebuild without all the confidence-shattering thoughts and feelings associated with loss? Click here to setup an energy therapy session to let it go and move forward.

Thrive Again: Lost Your Desire to Leave a Legacy?


If you used to have big dreams of making a difference, changing the world, or leaving a legacy; but you don't care about those things now that you've suffered devastating loss, don't beat yourself up. This is normal and here's why and how to bounce back and thrive again.


Are you ready to bounce-back from loss? Would you like to reset and rebuild without all the confidence-shattering thoughts and feelings associated with loss? Click here to setup an energy therapy session to let it go and move forward.

are your facebook ads working for you?

Are Your Facebook Ads Working for You?

A lot of people give up on Facebook advertising when it’s actually working for them. Why? Because they aren’t performing a few basic calculations. In this video I show you how to run a few simple calculations to determine if an ad is working for you.

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